5 WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not Have Known

We have already spoken on countless occasions of why Telegram seems to be a better application than WhatsApp . If you still have decided to continue using WhatsApp, because all your contacts use the application or because you do not want to install more messaging applications, today we will teach you to get the most juice with these WhatsApp tricks .

Squeezing lemons from WhatsApp

As you surely already know some basic tricks how to block the notifications of the happy groups of WhatsApp Messenger , we will focus on features that are somewhat hidden to the user.

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Format the texts

For those hardened by text styles in Word, you will surely miss typing in bold, italic, or strikethrough . This is very useful if, for example, we want to highlight some part of our message in a group with several people. So, here we leave you the three ways of formatting the text:

whatsapp text format

  • Bold : to get this format we will have to enclose our text in asterisks (* this is a bold text *). The message will automatically become bold.
  • Italic : if we want to format the text in italic, we will only have to enclose it in the famous “low bar” ( this is italicized text ). Then our message will be formatted in italics.
  • Strikethrough : in the case of wanting to cross out a word or text, we will have to make use of the approximation symbol (~this is a strikethrough text~.

Set chats in the conversation list

We all have some contact with whom we usually have a conversation throughout the day, whether for work needs or affinity and friendship. In the same way that we have this type of contacts, surely we also have one or several groups and contacts that are sending messages that are not of nustro interest. That’s why WhatsApp has recently introduced the charset functionality .

pin chat whatsapp

To do this, we are pressed the group or contact in question and we will appear in the upper bar a pin symbol: we will press and that conversation will always be anchored in the first or second position , depending on how many we have fixed. The limit of chats anchored is three, so you’ll have to choose who to put on your list.

Use WhatsApp on your tablet

If you have a tablet , you will probably have thought about using WhatsApp through it. While on Android this is an easy process, as you only have to submit to the WhatsApp Web website  with any browser and scan the code to access it (we recommend adding the web to the home screen with Chorme so you do not have to open the browser every time you want to enter), in iOS is another sing.

To do this, we recommend that you read the article that we published a few weeks ago where we explained in detail how to have WhatsApp on your iPad without having to have the jailbreak installed .

Send GIFs from the application itself

We will not deny that we love GIF’s , it’s one of the best things that the Internet has given us, beyond memes . This WhatsApp knows very well and that is why it introduced the possibility of sending GIF’s without having to have a special keyboard installed.

To send one or more GIFs , we will have to click on the emoticons icon of WhatsApp – not the keyboard that we have installed – and press again in the section of GIF’s . Once inside, we can find the ones we want by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. There are hundreds of thousands, so you will not get bored.

Highlight posts in WhatsApp

Who has not said something funny in a group conversation and wanted to keep it for posterity. Now we will not have to do screenshot to save the message, we can highlight it and see it later in a list of messages .

highlighted messages whatsapp

If you want to highlight one or more messages, simply click on the message (s) and click on the star icon at the top. To access all the highlighted messages , click on the three Options points in the list of chats and select the option of Highlights messages : there are all the ones that we have saved, and if we click on them we will take to the moment of the conversation where Shipping.

And that’s it, do you know any other WhatsApp tricks? Leave us in the comments.

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Download Free Music On Android Using Instube

Are you one of those users who love to have music and watch videos on your phone while away from home? We are going to show you below how to download free music for Android or even videos through the installation of a simple and useful application. Peggo app for android & iOS also does the same job.


It will be ideal when you want to listen to music from your phone without going to radio or other applications that spend data, or watching videos on YouTube offline, since they also consume our megas in a short time.

Instube is an application to download music from YouTube , although you can also download it from SoundCloud and other apps, a well-known music service that you can also get all the music you like in a short time.

Instube is not only a music downloader but also you can download videos in various formatsfrom Youtube and other platforms (Vimeo, Twitter, Vevo, etc.) comfortably to your phone, to see them as you want without needing to be connected to the network .

Instube, main features

Instube is a free application for Android and very easy to use, it offers all these features:

– The platforms from which you can download both videos and music are: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Souncloud, Vimeo, Vine, Tune, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vuclip, Skymovies Toad, Vid, Pingdura, Mrpopat, AOL, Metacafe, Liveleak , 3gpmania, Funnyordie, Dailytube, Mthai and Pagalword.

Image - How to download free music for Android

– It serves to download music from YouTube since it extracts the audio track from any video of this platform and allows to obtain it in MP3 format, so that later you can listen to it without problems of reproduction.

– If you prefer you can download YouTube videos in different formats such as MP4, 3GP, M4A with a maximum resolution of Ultra HD. The higher quality you should know that it will take up more space on your mobile.

Instube is very easy to use, as we said, because while you play some video or music from any of the services commented from within the app will appear a small icon at the bottom of your screen to start the download if you want .

Image - How to download free music for Android

You already know that if you need an app to download music, or you would like to download some YouTube videos to your phone, Instube is a great option that you can have on your Android at no cost, since it is free for all.

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Music FM : Best Free Music App For iPhone

Music FM is one of the best free music apps for iPhone to listen to it both in streaming and without internet.

Free music for iPhone 1

Listening to music on our smartphones is the order of the day. In iPhone and iPad we have many options, from storing music on devices to making use of streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.


There are also other services in streaming that allow us to listen to music for free and other types of services making use of storage as apps that take advantage of services in the cloud, but if you want to take advantage of both ways and also for free there is nothing better than Music FM.

Free music for iPhone 2

Search results in Music FM

The application allows us to find many songs. First by searching and secondly making use of the different lists that it includes. These lists are: Genres, Countries, Artists and Albums.

In Genres we can search songs by genres from more than 30 different genres, such as Jazz, Pop or Disney music. Countries allow us to explore among Top songs from a total of 10 countries. For its part, Artists and Albums allows us to locate songs by different artists and different albums.

Free music for iPhone 3

The different search lists

Music FM has a total of three playlists in which we can add all the songs we want. To do this we will have to slide the song to the right and select which list we want to add it.

What makes the application stand out is that every time we click on the song we want to hear it will be downloaded locally. This means that if we have it added to any of the lists, we can listen to it at any time and even without an internet connection and without having to spend data.

That the songs are downloaded locally makes us take up storage space of our device, but it can be erased from the app settings

We recommend that you download Music FM, as it is probably THE BEST FREE MUSIC APP FOR IPHONE. 

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Apps To Stream Movies On Android In 2017

In 2017 we continue with the same desire to watch movies and series free on Android without stopping, every weekend or at any free time, we can see it on the screens of our phones and tablets or, at best, connecting them to a TV With larger size.

That’s why, once again I share what are, for me, the best website and applications to download movies on Android free from this new year. The one not listed here is 123movies iOS app, as it hasn’t been released yet.

movies streaming apps


Popcorntime for AndrodWatch movies and series on Android for free with popcorntime
It is the best application to watch movies for free. I honestly will not tire of recommending it because, in my opinion, it is the best because:

  1. Does not integrate advertising
  2. Is fast
  3. No external link
  4. The catalog is continually updated
  5. Download movies and series to our phone or tablet to view offline

PopcorTime for Android is probably your best option as long as you prefer to watch the movies or series in their original language but with the possibility to choose subtitles.

If on the contrary you prefer to watch movies and series on Android for free in 2016, but in Latin audio, it is best to give a tested to the following application or the other versions online.

Download PopcornTime for Android or you can download Show Box if you can not use P2P programs.
Note – Showbox is one of the best alternatives to Popcorntime if you do not want to see online by torrentsShowbox-android


Playview Android When downloading Playview for Android you get a giant catalog to watch movies and series for free
Possibly the best alternative to the previous application is PlayView, primarily because in a significant number of titles we offer the possibility to play the titles we are looking for in Latin audio. In summary, these are the highlights of this application:

  1. Friendly interface : It allows downloading the chapters of the series or the complete films to see them without connection if we do not want to see them * online *
  2. It offers different alternatives of reproduction for each film or series in the house of which some link is this fallen.
  3. It’s free
  4. Its behavior on Android is decent, and the playback of the titles is relatively smooth, but as always, everything will depend on the features that your device has.

But beyond all of the above, this app works perfectly, just do not forget that it integrates advertising and from time to time you could find advertising ads.


Although I’m not many fans of using web pages to watch series and films online, most of our readers prefer it for some strange reason.

View and download movies and series for free on Android 2016
The reason why I do not like it is due to excessive use of advertising and popups they used to use, in addition to offering newer titles to place low quality. However, the plus point is that it serves as an alternative to previous ones that do not allow download movies for free in Android Latino in Latin.

Either way, if you ask me for a good website to watch movies and series free Android, my recommendation series Pelis24 because, while still using intensive advertising, offer recent and decent quality titles. To this, we must add that they include a variety of sources to reproduce and even options with Latin audio.